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Support for Ukraine
Support for Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine last February, Yukon Group acted rapidly. We immediately ceased sales in Russia and Belarus and shut down our Russian enterprise (which is currently in the liquidation stage).

Our next priority was providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. With tens of thousands arriving in Lithuania and Latvia over the past year, we implemented numerous initiatives to aid those fleeing the fighting.

One of these includes financing a ’Gravitacija’ school that relocated with 170 children and their siblings, mothers, teachers from Kharkiv, enabling them to continue their education in Vilnius. We also sponsored another Lithuanian-Ukrainian school for refugee children, ‘Gravitas Shola’, in Vilnius, which currently serves over 450 pupils. The school was honoured with st. Christophers statue from the Vilnius City Municipality for its contributions to the city. Today, more than 600 Ukrainian schoolchildren can prolong their education in Lithuania.

But it is not just education. Yukon Group also contributed to other enrichment activities for Ukrainian children, such as supporting Organisers of this project arranged summer camps for thousands of Ukrainian children who had escaped the bloodshed, while attracting donors. In Latvia, we supported Young Folks, an NGO welcoming incoming Ukrainian refugees. It offered accommodation and assistance, plus a community center in Riga – known as Common Ground – that contained childrens’ playrooms, library, free coworking space and other essential spaces.

We also have assisted the Lithuanian and Latvian Red Cross, Food Bank, the Strong Together initiative, RED NOSES Clowndoctors and other organisations providing critical support to war victims and their families.

In all, Yukon Group donated some 3 million euros throughout 2022-2023 to assist and support those impacted by the devastating war in Ukraine.

Those trapped in Ukraine still need our help. We are proud to have joined the RADAROM campaign in Lithuania, which raised funds for radars that can help secure Ukrainian airspace and protect against missile attacks. Together with other businesses and Lithuanian society, we raised more than 14 million euros, enough to buy 14 life-saving radars. Yukon stands with Ukraine during these difficult times.