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Fully aware of our responsibilities, Yukon Group has worked tirelessly to nurture social initiatives that have a positive impact on our communities. In 2020, we rallied behind medical professionals as they fought the Covid-19 pandemic.

We backed the nationwide project ‘Hold on, Medics’ and aided local hospitals across Lithuania and Latvia. Initiated by the famous influencer Andrius Tapinas, ‘Hold on, Medics’ raised funds for hospitals at the beginning of the pandemic, amid dramatic shortages of protective equipment for medical staff, such as masks and gloves. Yukon Group was the largest sponsor, contributing 300,000 euros to the initiative. This helped equip hospitals throughout the country, protecting patients and staff.

Yukon has also generously funded medical equipment for Vilnius and Kaunas. We gave the largest contribution towards the first mass disaster logistics and ambulance vehicle in the Baltics, which was added to Kaunas City Ambulance Station (GMP). With cutting-edge, large-scale equipment, this vehicle helps authorities control large-scale disasters and provide emergency assistance to up to 50 people.

Our support for public organizations has not gone unnoticed. In December 2021, we were presented with the ‘Small Award of Socially Responsible Business 2020’ by the Business Confederation of Lithuania.

And our help wasn’t just limited to Lithuania. It stretched beyond borders. Pulsar Optics (Latvia) has donated 41 functional beds to the Daugavpils Regional Hospital. This critically allowed the hospital to expand its capacity during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Belarus, we financed the purchase of two ambulances, besides a PCR laboratory to support the country’s fight against the virus.

At Yukon Group, we understand the importance of corporate social responsibility. Every year, we allocate a significant part of our profit to tackle urgent crises affecting our communities. Wherever support is needed the most, we will be there.