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Yukon Group reveals its new corporate brand
Yukon Group reveals its new corporate brand

The group of high-tech companies Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, specializing in civilian thermal imaging optics, is introducing a new unified branding, positioning, and website. This identity unites all 9 of its companies, located in different European countries. The new corporate brand of Yukon Group will now unite subsidiary companies producing devices labeled with Pulsar and Yukon Advanced Optics brands.

“After three decades of growth, innovation, and market expansion, the Yukon Group has matured into a cohesive identity. This project, developed by the company’s founder Aliaksandr Alsheuski, is one of the last ones our team had been working on for two years. The new corporate brand will provide greater clarity to our business and social partners, as well as the employees. Moreover, it will foster a unified culture across the group’s companies that operate in different countries, strengthening our leading positions in the global market,” Volha Alsheuskaya, the CEO of Yukon Group, says.

According to V. Alsheuskaya, the new identity underscores the group’s long-term strategic direction, positioning itself as a European-based manufacturer where all technological, design, production, and marketing processes are carried out by the group companies based in Europe.

Crafted in collaboration with the design studio “andstudio”, the new identity communicates Yukon Group’s engineering focus and emphasis on innovation. On the website and additional materials created with the new brand, the group of companies, which has over a thousand employees, focuses on them as its key innovators.

“The Yukon Group brand embodies a minimalist style, seamlessly integrating both the creative vision and the company’s technological aspect – optics and light effect. The symbol within the logo serves as a reference to the view through an optical lens. This imagery reinforces our company’s vision and mission – to develop technologies that enable people to see even in the most challenging weather conditions,” Germanas Kavalskis, Chief Communications Officer at Yukon Group, explains.

He adds that the new brand will not substitute the renowned brands Pulsar and Yukon Advanced Optics but will add to them as the identity of the overarching corporate entity.

Yukon Group, which develops innovative thermal imaging optics technologies in the Baltic States, has won several prestigious awards in the US and the UK for its products. The group actively invests in research and develops sustainable innovations.