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Yukon Group Appoints Laurius Kairys as Acting CEO
Yukon Group Appoints Laurius Kairys as Acting CEO

Yukon Group would like to announce the appointment of Laurius Kairys, the Finance Director and Member of the Board, as Acting CEO of the Yukon Group, following the decision of the Company Board. Mr. Kairys, who has been with the Company for over 7 years, has a strong understanding of its activities. Prior to his tenure at Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, he worked for more than a decade at Scandinavian bank in Lithuania, where he gained extensive experience in financial management.

Mr. Kairys has taken on the position of Acting CEO following the sudden passing of the Yukon Group’s Founder and long-term CEO, Mr. Aliaksandr Alsheuski. Additionally, Viktor Smirnov, the Director for Logistics and Business Development and Director of Pulsar Optics SIA (Latvian enterprise – part of Yukon Group), has been appointed as Deputy CEO of Yukon Group.

Both Mr. Kairys and Mr. Smirnov were close assistants and advisers to Mr. Alsheuski in strategic and everyday decisions and have experience in managing the Company. Furthermore, the united and robust executive team will remain with the Company to continue the successful legacy of Aliaksandr, whose vision continues to inspire us to reach greater heights.

The Company’s commitments to its business partners remain unchanged and valid. Yukon Group will continue to execute the long-term 3-year strategy approved at the beginning of 2023, with established strategic objectives for 2023-2025.