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Yukon continues to support
Yukon continues to support

The principles of corporate social responsibility have always been and remain the main vectors of development for Yukon. Through all of its activities, the company demonstrates that business can and should serve the public good. As the company strives towards its goals of growth and stability, it does not remove from its agenda practical programs in the areas of social security for its employees, as well as charitable and sponsorship support for society as a whole.

Yukon’s social sustainability policy primarily includes support for the company’s employees. Company contributes while improving peoples’ lives by creating decent jobs, promoting their professional and personal growth, taking care of their social and cultural life, etc.

Big contribution of the company investment in its employees, improvement of working conditions, motivational activities and social initiatives was recognized by the administration of Latgale region (in Latvia) last year. Pulsar Optics received a well-deserved award in the Socially Responsible Company of the Year category (competition “Award of the Year of Entrepreneurs of the Latgale Region – 2022”), setting a good example for other business participants and contributing to the development of the region.

Furthermore, Yukon’s activities of external social and humanitarian projects are significant and noticeable too.

Depending on the urgent society needs our company focuses on helping and solving the most urgent problems dictated by the circumstances. Thus, during the pandemic period (2020-2022), Yukon provided large-scale support to city health authorities to fight against COVID-19. For implemented projects in area of social responsibility in 2021, Yukon AOW (in the category of social investments) has won “Small Award for Socially Responsible Business – 2020” (Lithuania, Belarus).

Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine exposed new social needs for Yukon. Many thousands of refugees arrived to Ukrainian-friendly Lithuania and Latvia after the outbreak of hostilities. Some stayed there for a long time. Others passed both regions as transit countries. One way or another, the influx of refugees has become a huge burden for Lithuania and Latvia. During this difficult time for everyone, our company helped non-governmental organizations to take care of civilians who fled the war.

Yukon provided particular support to children affected by military aggression. Protecting the most vulnerable part of society became Yukon’s most important moral and ethical concern during this period.

Please, find below listed initiatives and projects our organization has helped to implement over the past year in line with the support of military refugees from Ukraine.

  • Sponsorship in the creation of the Lithuanian-Ukrainian school “Gravitas Shola” in Vilnius.
  • Support for the Kharkiv school ‘Gravitation.’ In March 2022, the school resumed its activities in Vilnius with the support of the company, and currently over 200 students are being educated there.
  • Lithuanian and Latvian Red Cross Societies (Vilnius, Daugavpils) provides humanitarian assistance to refugees who have arrived in both countries.
  • “Maisto bankas” (Food Bank) – collects and distributes food to those it needs the most.
  • “Strong Together” – provides free housing for refugees from Ukraine.
  • “Red Nosed Clown Doctors” provides emotional support while entertaining families at registration centers.
  • Two joint projects from the organization “Ukrainian children in Lithuania” – shares a space for games, communication and joint events for Ukrainian children.
  • Organization of leisure activities for children and their parents, including entertainment events, concerts, master classes, museum visits, etc. (Kaunas, Vilnius, Lithuania).
  • “Young Folks LV” (Latvia) – helps young people find their dreams and aspirations. During the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, representatives of this organization met Ukrainians and helped with accommodation, housing and travelling to other countries.
  • “Common Ground” (Latvia) – organizes social, cultural and educational events for refugees from Ukraine.

To sum up, company has donated about 2 million euros last year to assist and support all these and some other projects dedicated to support refugees from Ukraine.

Since humanitarian needs to help Ukrainian military refugees still remains acute this year, Yukon will continue to provide assistance to the above non-profit organizations, in particular – “Gravitas Shola”, “Maisto bankas”, “Red Noses – Clown Doctors”, “Common Ground”, the Red Cross Society Daugavpils and many others.