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Visit to Gravitas Schola Schoolchildren
Visit to Gravitas Schola Schoolchildren

Last Monday, Liudas Abišala, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, paid a visit to the Lithuanian-Ukrainian school Gravitas Schola. During his visit, he had the opportunity to interact with Ukrainian children, introduce our group of companies, and demonstrate the thermal imaging technologies and devices we produce.

Liudas mentioned that during the meeting, he had to answer challenging questions that are rarely asked even by professional hunters. The children showed great interest in the activities of the Yukon group of companies, tested our devices, and received daytime binoculars as a gift.

This event is part of a series of meetings organized by Gravitas Schola to introduce its schoolchildren to organizations that support the school’s activities and to acquaint the organizations with the school’s activities.

The Lithuanian-Ukrainian school Gravitas Schola was established at the beginning of the war when the school of Kharkiv moved to Lithuania. Today, more than 400 schoolchildren residing in Vilnius and its surroundings can study free of charge in Ukrainian and Lithuanian.