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The CEO of Yukon Group: We have to learn to be a team of visionaries
The CEO of Yukon Group: We have to learn to be a team of visionaries

Volha Alsheuskaya, the new Chief Executive Officer of Yukon, is actively engaged not only in understanding in the business processes, conducting a review of the company’s strategy, showing keen interest in the team’s dynamics, but also agreed to share her visions for the activities of Yukon Group and plans for the future.

What important tasks lie ahead in the near future?

First and foremost, I would like to express special thanks to the entire team for ensuring the stable operation of the company during this transitional period. It was indeed a challenging and incredibly crucial time, during which we managed to convey to our partners that Yukon was and remains a stable and efficiently functioning company; that the company’s operations continue, and all business processes are operational. I believe we have succeeded in this.

Now, we mustn’t stop halfway but continue to do what we have done best for the past 30 years—developing the finest optical devices in the hunting market. To achieve this, we are actively strengthening our team of developers, reviewing and optimizing the organizational structure. We are investing in the development of the facility in Poland, and continuing the development of the plant in Latvia, which, after the last distributors’ conference, left our partners with the most favorable impression and confidence in the future of Yukon Group.

How are things going with achieving the strategic goals set at the beginning of the year?

In general, we’re in line with most of our strategic goals. It’s anticipated that this year’s sales volume will be slightly higher compared to last year’s results. Still, we have other challenges to overcome.  There’s an increasing number of competitors entering the hunting market, offering devices with good quality and intriguing solutions. Moreover, there’s a sense that the hunting market is reaching a saturation point.

During the COVID period, people spent more time outdoors and allocated more savings towards purchasing outdoor gear. However, this year, after the easing of COVID restrictions, expenditure patterns have started to shift towards other activities. Additionally, high inflation and the anticipated economic downturn are prompting people to be more prudent in their spending.

All these factors influence changes in the company’s strategy and our approaches. However, I am optimistic about the future and hope that the coming year will be more successful for us.

The group’s strategy is currently under review. What prompts this reassessment?

The strategy review is a routine process conducted within the company every year. Its main goal is to adapt in time to new circumstances and conditions both in the market and in the company. Additionally, market conditions have significantly changed due to increased competition. In order to effectively operate in the coming year, it’s imperative for us to respond to these emerging factors. That’s precisely why the end of the year is always dedicated to reviewing the company’s strategy.

Recently, our new corporate logo and corporate style were introduced. We are working on repositioning the group of companies, planning a strategy for launching new products, actively exploring new business directions where we could further utilize our existing knowledge and expertise in thermal imaging. We are not standing still, and that is the most important aspect of today.

How have the past couple of months been?

It feels like these past couple of months have flown by in the blink of an eye. It seems like just recently we were conducting the distributor conference, and today we’re reevaluating the group’s strategy. Tomorrow, we have meetings scheduled with employees to elaborate on the planned changes, reflect on how we’ve managed to conclude this year, and discuss what lies ahead.

What particularly pleases me is feeling the support of the team, without whom many tasks would be impossible. I take pride in working alongside you all. I believe that by working together and striving for common goals, we’ll overcome all difficulties.