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International Day Against Food Waste Celebrated
International Day Against Food Waste Celebrated

On September 29, International Day Against Food Waste was celebrated, during which our longstanding partner, the charitable foundation¬†Food Bank’ (Maisto bankas), shared the results of its activities and awarded organizations contributing to the organization’s work.

Yukon Group is one of the largest sponsors of this organization and has been supporting its activities for several consecutive years.

For our contribution, the Yukon Group was awarded an honorary certificate, which was accepted by the CEO of the company, Volha Alsheuskaya. She emphasized that the ‘Food Bank’ carries out a very important and significant mission and wished them success in overcoming all challenges.

In the last eight months, Lithuania managed to save 4790 tons of food from being wasted. Globally, about 1.3 billion tons of food waste are discarded each year, which accounts for approximately one-third of all produced and grown food. The Lithuanian ‘Food Bank’ saved more than 6193 tons of good food last year and has been a leader in Europe for many years in terms of the amount of saved food per capita.

Additionally, this organization actively supports Ukraine in its struggle for independence, and last year, over 2 tons of food products were sent to Ukraine.