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Pulsar Optics, SIA Recognized for Social Responsibility Efforts
Pulsar Optics, SIA Recognized for Social Responsibility Efforts

Pulsar Optics (Latvia) was recognized as the Socially Responsible Company of the Year at the Award of the Year of Entrepreneurs of the Latgale Region 2022 competition. The Latgale Entrepreneurship Center (CEC) of the Latgale Planning Region organized the competition to encourage and acknowledge entrepreneurs who actively contribute to the development of the business environment in Latgale.

Pulsar Optics was evaluated based on its investments in its employees, working conditions, motivational activities, and social partnerships. As one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the Latgale region, the company has allocated 150 thousand euros to support Ukrainian refugees and social projects in Latvia. This included donations to organizations such as the youth organization Young Folks LV, the center of the social initiative the Common Ground, and the Latvian Red Cross society. In addition, the company donated 41 new functional beds to Daugavpils Regional Hospital last year.

Pulsar Optics is proud to share this recognition with its employees, as the entire team, both in Latvia and across the Yukon Group, contributed to these efforts. This is not the first recognition in this category for the Yukon Group, as last year, Yukon AOW (Lithuania) won the Small Award for Socially Responsible Business by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. The company has been recognized for numerous social responsibility projects implemented in Lithuania and Belarus, including supporting social organizations with donations, funding medical institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic, and financially supporting educational facilities.

As a company, Pulsar Optics understands that it has a responsibility to contribute to society beyond its business operations. It had been part of the competition alongside 73 other companies in eight categories, and 14 contestants in the “Socially Responsible Company of the Year” category.