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Yukon Sponsors Unique Social Summer Project for Children
Yukon Sponsors Unique Social Summer Project for Children

We are excited to announce another social project that our company is sponsoring, which starts this weekend in Vilnius. Every Saturday throughout the summer, a children’s camp will be held in the city center. The project is designed to help Ukrainian children integrate faster into Lithuanian society and to provide a fun and safe environment for all children living in the capital and surrounding cities.

The camp will feature a range of activities including concerts, dance lessons, games, and needlework clubs. On the first day of the camp, there will be a performance by the famous Ukrainian pianist Evgeny Khamra, who plays classical works as well as soundtracks for popular films. Additionally, 37 trampoline parks will be built, and various sports events such as badminton, football training, zumba classes, and competitions will be organized.

The initiative is expected to attract thousands of children from all over Lithuania, and mothers with children who want to come to Vilnius from distant cities can use free trains. The camp will be held every Saturday from June 11 to July 9 at the White Bridge, and we invite our employees to bring their children and have fun.
This project is part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility and supporting initiatives that help improve people’s lives. It will also be covered on one of the largest Lithuanian news portals, Delfi, where we will have the opportunity to talk about our other social initiatives.