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Yukon Group supported Ukrainians in Latvia
Yukon Group supported Ukrainians in Latvia

Lithuanian high-tech group that produces thermal imaging optical devices, Yukon Group, allocated 150 thousand EUR for NGO’s that take care of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia. This is a part of a total of 1.5 million EUR donation by the company for Ukrainian war refugees so far.

“Every year, we allocate a certain amount of income to support organizations that solve the most painful problems. In the early days of the war, we decided to help people fleeing from Ukraine in Lithuania, and now we are expanding this support to other countries, ” Germanas Kavalskis, Yukon Group Head of Communications, says.

Red Cross Latvia, Young Folks (an NGO that helps youth in need to find their vocation and start in the job market), and Common Ground (an NGO that is operating a center for refugees, already visited by 10.000 Ukrainian refugees) were the main organizations to receive sponsorship from Yukon Group. These organizations were selected following the advice of the Ukrainian Embassy in Latvia.

Yukon Group invests in social welfare in the surrounding communities in other countries of operation. Recently, it donated to the refugees in Glasgow, Scotland, where the company’s R&D and part of the production is located.

“Yukon Group also has a company in Kyiv, Ukraine, so the war has greatly affected the people of our organization.

Our people are convinced that helping Ukrainian people cannot be a one-time effort right after the beginning of the war. We are committed to helping them for as long as they will need,” G. Kavalskis said.

With its sponsorship and support, Yukon Group focuses on solving large scale problems that need urgent solutions. Last year, the company allocated about 1 million EUR for contra-pandemic measures. It helped a Lithuanian city Kaunas to acquire a special ambulance car for mass disasters, donated to hospitals in Lithuania, Latvia and other countries with additional furniture, equipment, and hygiene measures, needed to accommodate skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19 patients.

Since the beginning of the war, Yukon Group helped Ukrainians by financing children’s education, after -school activities, and other support initiatives for Ukrainian families who fled to Lithuania.
Headquarters of Yukon Group were established in Vilnius in 2005. Here, the company’s administration, research and development, sales and marketing units are located alongside with the factory. Approx. 250 people work in Vilnius, and in the Group altogether, Yukon has 1000 specialists. About 70 % of the company’s products (the largest part of them is branded as Pulsar) are sold in the US and European markets. Thermal imaging optics of the Yukon group are exported to more than 70 countries around the world.