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To open a new school in Ukraine – support from Yukon Group
To open a new school in Ukraine – support from Yukon Group

The Lithuanian high-tech company Yukon Group has allocated €85,000 to establish a new Ukrainian school in Kyiv. This support adds to more than €2 million already provided by the group for Ukrainian initiatives in education.

‘Opening a school in Ukraine is very challenging. Therefore, support from Yukon Group is crucial and played a key role in the decision to open a new school in Kyiv – one of the safest cities in the country, where many families with children have relocated. As many Ukrainians have decided not to leave, we want to provide children with the opportunity to gain an education despite the ongoing war,’ says Kateryna Strelchenko, director of the ‘Gravitation’ school.

‘Ukraine needs military support, help to rebuild infrastructure, and to ensure the continuity of education and the development of the younger generation. Currently, providing children the opportunity to receive quality education is an important contribution to the future of the Ukrainian nation. Young people growing up in the context of war will become adults who will use their experiences and knowledge to rebuild and develop the Ukrainian state, so this support is extremely important for nurturing the younger generation,’ says Germanas Kavalskis, Yukon Group’s Chief Communications Officer.

The new school in Kyiv has already received a license from the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science to teach grades 1-11, a rental agreement for premises has been signed, and renovation work is ongoing. The school is planned to be fully equipped this summer, when furniture, equipment, sports inventory, and teaching materials will be purchased – precisely for this purpose, Yukon Group’s financial support will be used.

‘Although the learning institution is not yet fully adapted for educational activities, the active selection of students is already underway – the educational process is planned to start this autumn with 200 students, and the number of students is expected to double in the first three years,’ adds K. Strelchenko.

Lithuania has become a second home

Director of the ‘Gravitation’ school in Ukraine plans to adapt and use the two years of experience in the European education system gained in Lithuania to create the best possible educational environment in the newly established school. At the same time, K. Strelchenko will not leave the school in Vilnius.

‘After two years of working in Vilnius, we cannot imagine our future without Lithuania, which has become our second home. We plan to develop the school in Vilnius, as many families still have nowhere to return, and older students consciously stay here to study, intending to continue their education at Lithuanian universities and return to Ukraine as qualified professionals,’ says K. Strelchenko.

‘The motivation of Ukrainians not to give up is inspiring. In turn, we are pleased to be able to contribute to the education and instilling of values in their younger generation and look forward to the start of the new school. We believe in further successful cooperation with Ukrainian educational institutions, aiming to lay the foundations for rebuilding the country,’ notes G. Kavalskis, Yukon Group’s Chief Communications Officer.