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The actions we take in the presence of Russian aggression against Ukraine
The actions we take in the presence of Russian aggression against Ukraine


What is Yukon’s position regarding the Russian military aggression against Ukraine?

Our company supports the Ukrainian people and believes that the military aggression of one state against another sovereign state in the 21st century is unacceptable and illegal. The Company took a firm position in providing comprehensive assistance to refugees from Ukraine who came to Lithuania and Latvia.

In 2023-2022, around 3 million euros were allocated for various social initiatives part of which was intended to support Ukrainian schools operating in Vilnius, the Ukrainian TV channel, various social organizations such as the Red Cross in Lithuania and Latvia, and many others.

We remain committed to supporting Ukraine in its pursuit of freedom and will continue to provide aid and assistance in any way we can.

Support to our team in Ukraine.

Our Company has a branch in Ukraine, and its employees are currently in the war zone. Some of them with family members were relocated to Lithuania. Some remain in Ukraine, and we do our best to support them.

Do we deliver products to the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation?

We adhere to a strict Export and Sales Restriction Policy whereby the solutions and products we develop, and manufacture are for civilian use ONLY. The Company does not develop or provide solutions and/or products for the military industry, and none of the Company’s products meet military standards or have ever worked for the military industry.

Most of the Company’s digital and thermal devices are sold under a special export control license, which means the movement of such products from one country to another is restricted, even within the European Union.

Our company has a clear position that its products are not supplied to zones where military conflicts are taking place or to those countries that, according to local and/or international legislation, are on the sanction’s lists. Due to the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, we have canceled all sales of our products on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, and Central Asia & Caucasus countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and etc.).

Does the entity is still operating in Russian Federation?

Yukon Group has no presence and no activities in the Russian Federation. Only the process of legal entity liquidation take place there. This is a lengthy and complex legal process and we cannot predict how long it will take to complete.

Do we deliver products to Ukraine?

We strictly comply with the EU regulations and applicable laws regarding dual-use devices. We consult with the Governmental authorities, and refrain from further comments on this matter.

In which countries is the production of Pulsar devices currently taking place?

The main production facilities are located in Lithuania, Latvia, and the UK.

How about the enterprise in China?

Our company has only one wholly-owned enterprise in China and is currently assisting with the local component suppliers. Another entity has two shareholders and is not 100% owned by our company. It currently manufactures and supplies components and products to our subsidiaries in Europe.