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Telos – first upgradable thermal imaging monocular line
Telos – first upgradable thermal imaging monocular line

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is pleased to introduce the groundbreaking concept of the first-ever upgradable thermal imaging monocular line – Telos by Pulsar. It commences with the Telos LRF XP50, followed by its LRF-free version, along with a variety of sensor models. This premium product line was inaugurated at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. This move marks the company’s stride towards sustainable production and positions it as one of the first pioneers proposing such technologies for the hunting and active leisure industry.

Upgradability: A Product That Never Ages

Telos thermal imaging monoculars are meticulously crafted for timeless utility, considering that the high-tech industries continually advance and evolve on an annual, if not monthly, basis. Thermal imaging stands as no exception. Moreover, given our proclivity as human beings to frequently shift our habits and perspectives, adaptability becomes crucial.

The Telos product line is meticulously designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of individual hunters. It stands as the pioneer among thermal imaging devices in the market, offering the option of technical upgrades.

Becoming a Telos owner empowers you to enhance and upgrade your device in the future. You’ll have the freedom to transition to more potent optics, integrate a higher-resolution sensor or display, and employ more efficient and functional electronic components. Furthermore, you’ll be able to outfit your device with a laser rangefinder and additional optical channels, ensuring perpetual relevance and cost-effectiveness.

This new unique Pulsar solution is currently in the development phase and will be introduced in 2024.