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Policy of Social Responsibility and Sponsorship


1.1. “YUKON” (hereinafter referred to as the Company) includes all the Company’s enterprises and strives to ensure that the principles and objectives of the policy of social responsibility and sponsorship are applied in all the Company’s activities.
1.2. The policy of social responsibility and sponsorship of the Company (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) contributes to the creation of well-being and the upbringing of social responsibility, establishes provisions, as well as conditions and procedures for their implementation, on the basis of which a socially responsible and harmoniously developing business culture and practice of the Company would be created.


2.1. The policy of social responsibility is a concept for implementing the activities of the organization, in accordance with which the Company voluntarily includes social, environmental, and transparent principles of activity in its internal processes and in relations with stakeholders.
2.2. The aim of this Policy is to ensure coordinated and transparent sponsorship support for projects and activities that correspond to the directions, strategy, and declared values of the Company in the field of social responsibility, as well as creating value for society and the state.
2.3. Based on its mission and values, the Company implements its goals as a socially responsible partner of society and contributes to the reduction of socially vulnerable layers of society. The long-term goal is to ensure that the Company’s activities in the social sphere contribute to the creation of public well-being.
2.4. In carrying out its activities, the Company takes into account ethical and social aspects as an employer, market participant, and member of society.


3.1. The policy of social responsibility covers the following areas: social responsibility in business relationships, relationships with employees, relationships with the community, and environmental protection.
3.2. The Company’s activities contribute to the creation of public welfare, the development of civil society, the reduction of socially vulnerable groups, and the development of culture.
3.3. The Company supports projects that strengthen its brand, improve its image, and comply with the Company’s ethical standards and values.
3.4. Each year, the list of projects and organizations supported by the company is reviewed and updated.
3.5. By supporting various projects, the Company collaborates with organizations to create a society with a high quality of life. It pursues a long-term sponsorship policy and, as a representative of the business community, contributes to shaping the future.
3.6. Corporate Social Responsibility in business relationships:
3.6.1. The company declares ethical, transparent, and honest cooperation with clients, suppliers, investors, and collaborates with partners who help implement the principles of socially responsible business in sponsoring activities.
3.6.2. Expects its business partners to adhere to environmental, ethical behavior, anti-corruption, human rights, equal opportunities, as well as safety and health norms for workers.
3.6.3. Regularly provides reports to society on its activities in the field of social responsibility regarding financial and non-financial performance, sufficient for evaluating the company’s market behavior, impact on the environment, relationships with employees, and the public.
3.6.4. Takes effective measures to ensure transparency in procurement in accordance with requirements of equality, non-discrimination, mutual recognition, and proportionality, does not recognize fraud, bribery, or other impermissible actions that limit competition.
3.6.5. Adheres to the principle of zero tolerance for corruption, and transparency is one of the key priorities in business.
3.7. Company’s social responsibility towards employees:
3.7.1. The company creates a values-based organizational culture mentioned in section 1.2 and advocates for equal rights and opportunities for employees, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social status, age, or disability.
3.7.2. Creates conditions for personal, professional, and overall competencies improvement and development.
3.7.3. Supports professional and ethical labor relations, avoids discrimination, persecution, insults, and other actions that undermine a person’s honor and dignity. Special attention is paid to the protection of employees’ health, prevention of occupational diseases, and promotion of physical activity.
3.7.4. Supports and encourages employees’ volunteer activities in pursuing socially useful goals.
3.7.5. Pays special attention to its employees by organizing various courses, corporate events, and activities.
3.8. Social Responsibility of the Company towards the Community:
3.8.1. The Company not only actively participates but also encourages joining social initiatives and preventive programs aimed at improving the quality of life of different social groups.
3.8.2. The Company cares about raising public awareness in reducing socially vulnerable groups and promotes knowledge exchange, voluntarily creating its own initiatives and participating in public initiatives, promoting civil society, responsibility and consciousness, and actively collaborating with local social organizations.
3.8.3. By providing sponsorship and investing in society, the Company supports children and youth, popularizes sports and a healthy lifestyle, as well as provides opportunities to attend cultural events, educates and raises awareness of the society, promotes its financial literacy.
3.9. Company’s social responsibility in the field of environmental protection:
3.9.1. The Company encourages enlightenment, education, and increased awareness among employees by initiating and implementing environmental protection measures in its professional sphere of influence.
3.9.2. It implements progressive and effective technologies that help to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment or restore it to a good condition, using means and processes in accordance with generally accepted environmental standards.
3.9.3. It takes actions to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, pays special attention to monitoring the amount of waste, their sorting, processing of hazardous waste, promotes rational management and use of water, paper, energy, and other resources.


4.1. The Company provides sponsorship support or participates in supported projects if they cover the following areas:
4.1.1. Sports activities. Youth sports, activities promoting a healthy lifestyle, (professional) sports;
4.1.2. Educational activities. Educational institutions, universities, research centers that can contribute to the development of the Company’s know-how;
4.1.3. Social initiatives. Supports various social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of different segments of society and their integration;
4.1.4. Healthcare initiatives. Supports medical institutions when necessary or in crisis situations. Promotes activities that stimulate investment in healthcare technology development;
4.1.5. Technological innovations. The Company may invest in technological enterprises that contribute to the Company’s activities or can be applied to it.
4.1.6. Cultural events. Cultural projects or initiatives that provide the public with the opportunity to get acquainted with local or foreign cultural projects in countries where the Company has enterprises.