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The 2023 Distributor Meeting
The 2023 Distributor Meeting

The 2023 Distributor Meeting convened in Latvia from October 9th to 13th, attracting over 40 partners and distributors from Europe, the USA, Africa, and New Zealand. This event marked the eighth global gathering of distributors and served as a pivotal congregation since the last assembly held in 2021.

“Our goal was not only to organize our traditional event, but also to provide an opportunity to share more about ourselves, to show what stands behind the name ‘Pulsar’, and to demonstrate how the activities of our group of companies have evolved after recent events. That’s why this year’s program encompassed both an informative part about Latvia and working meetings held every day with our distributors,” said Sviatlana Rykhtar, Chief Sales Officer.

On the initial days, the main focus was introducing the participants to the Daugavpils plant in Latvia. An overview of the enterprise’s history, development, and future prospects was presented, followed by an insightful tour of the Pulsar Optics production facility, showcasing the intricate manufacturing process of component parts and assembly.

The following day, attendees traveled to Jurmala, a coastal city in Latvia. The day began with in-depth presentations about the products offered by the Yukon Group. These sessions covered insights on handling challenges, new strategies for products, competitive analysis, and plans for cooperation. The latter part of the day was dedicated to field testing the devices.

A rich five-day program was prepared for the guests, featuring a guided tour to Riga, the capital of Latvia, and other cultural events that introduced the heritage and culture of Latvia. The 2023 Distributor Meeting served as a platform for immersive learning and collaboration, fostering meaningful exchanges and partnerships crucial to the company’s advancement and success.