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Export and Sales Restriction Policy


The range of products manufactured under the Yukon Advanced Optics and Pulsar brands is wide and comprises goods and technologies/ technology (collectively, “items”) that may be subject to export control laws and regulations (including, but not limited to, United States (hereinafter – “US”), European Union (hereinafter – “EU”)).
Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is committed to complying with all applicable export controls, as established by the relevant and applicable laws and regulations. As a result of the severe criminal and civil penalties for an infringements of export control laws and regulations and any noncompliance by Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide and/or its partners and/or customers – it is critical that all partners and/or customers of Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide (hereinafter – the “Company”) would adhere to export control laws and regulations.

1.1. Civil use ONLY

Hereby Company undertakes and declares that the items manufactured under the Yukon Advanced Optics and Pulsar brands are intended for civilian use only.
The Company does not develop items for the military industry, does not provide them for military applications, and none of the Company’s products meet military standards.

Any supply and/or use of the Company’s items for military purposes is strictly prohibited and may lead to the legal prosecution.

1.2. Obtaining licenses

Most of the Company’s items, including following: digital and thermal devices, especially riflescopes, are sold under a special export control license, which means the movement of such products from one country to another is restricted, including, the European Union. This provision is included in all the Company’s items manuals.

The European Union maintains and publishes lists of items which fall under these controls and cannot be shipped outside the country of disposition without an export license. Respective products are listed in Unites States regulations as well. Therefore, if Company’s customer and/or partner is shipping an item, he must make sure that proposed shipment complies with the export control laws and regulations.

The categories of products that require an export license are the following (the Company is aware that these categories may vary in different countries):

  1. Night Vision Riflescopes (tube-based, digital and thermal)
  2. Optical Sights
  3. Night Vision Front Attachments (digital and thermal)
  4. Thermal imaging monocular and binoculars (when exported outside the EU or country of disposition (non-EU countries))


For the sale, transfer, transportation, or shipment of any export sensitive product (an item) outside your country, please contact your local authorities to get more detailed information based on both EU and national legislation.
The local distributors of the Company are ready to assist in obtaining the necessary information or you may contact the Company’s export compliance officer via email: [email protected].


An effective, uniform, and consistent system of export controls on items is essential to promote international security and to ensure compliance with international obligations.
Therefore, the Company hereby acknowledges and undertakes:

  • that the Company relies on the Company’s internal policies and procedures to ensure proper and effective control of trade of items.
  • the Company understands and supports the objectives of controlling the trade of items.
  • the Company complies with applicable international, European Union’s and other legal acts.

Company ensures that the Company has sufficient organizational, human, and technical resources to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
If you have any questions regarding the control of trade of items, please contact the Company’s export compliance officer via email: [email protected].


All Company‘s subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, contractors, consultants, agents, distributors, intermediaries, other third parties representing the Company, and joint venture partners and partners in similar business arrangements with the Company in their business with or for the Company, and all Company personnel are required to comply fully with any and all applicable laws, regulations and sanctions laws.

The Company strictly adheres to the laws and regulations of trade restrictions and does not trade its items in countries included on sanctions lists or where military conflicts are taking place.
Company and its employees, management are committed to conducting all of Company’s operations around the globe in compliance with all applicable laws and ethically. Every Company’s employee is trained to be vigilant in complying with the laws and regulations governing Company’s global activities that is critical to the Company’s success.

Sanctions and Embargoes. Company complies with applicable laws and regulations regarding economic sanctions, which take the form of embargoes and other restrictions on transactions (prohibition individuals and entities from engaging in or facilitating commercial activities) with certain countries, entities, groups, and individuals. Trade sanctions are complex and subject to frequent updates – Company follows all updates.

Anti-Boycott Provisions. A boycott is a refusal to engage in business with another party. Company fully complies with all anti-boycott provisions imposed both by the US and by those foreign nations exercising proper jurisdiction. Company will not comply with any boycott request that would cause the Company to violate applicable laws and or regulations.

Imports. When importing, Company complies with applicable laws and regulations. Customs and import controls laws govern most aspects of importing goods including the ability to enter goods and the process for doing so, the classification of goods, the marking of goods with the correct country of origin, the timely submission and retention of required documents and the payment of applicable duties, taxes, and fees – Company fully complies with the requirements mentioned.